Durian Durian Nestle Packaging exercise

This project aims at localising Nestle products and this is what I’ve come up with: enriching Milky experience with a fruity twist!

the fruity twist is not just any twist but something that Malaysia is famous for, Durian, the King of fruit. A fruit that many people will find a little bit hard to eat because of its pungent smell, This Durian Milkshake will be giving consumers a taste of the king of fruit without too much pungency.

The concept and design is to create a standee that re-enacts a durian tree, with a tree bark texture for the main frame and a eye catching tree shaped top display that prominently shows the “Durian durian” logo and nestle logo.



P1050061 P1050060P1050058

P1050057P1050063The box design is a simple and functional one, a durian tree design three shelves to display the cartons. The milk cartons,when joined together form the shape of a durian fruit. The carton also prominently displays the Durian Durian logo and nestle logo as well. The cartons will be made from recyclable material and the box too, made from light yet tough foam board wrapped in a printed sticker material.

The target market is anyone who is familiar with the fruit and wanting to try a new type of alternative drink, or any person that wants to try out the pungent fruit without going for the real deal, or as an introduction to the fruit.

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