Entertainment Design – 2C


Micro site done, Merchandise, stunning. Now comes the final assignment, which is the Full Throttle Exhibition.When we were first introduced to Sketchup and Indigo Renderer; the softwares that we were going to use for the exhibition rendering, we were a little bit worried because this is something that is completely new to us. After a while we soon got used to it and began our layout design. There were several problems we had with sketchup and indigo renderer, one was getting the lighting for the exhibition right without a harsh shadow cast by the software. That was fixed by placing the entire exhibition into a giant virtual box that shields it from the virtual sun casting the harsh shadow. Another major problem we had was with the time it takes to render. Some of the renderings took about half a day, that caused us to function with one less laptop as any other software open and the rendering might crash. Initially we decided that we were to host our exhibition at the open space right beside Pavilion Kuala Lumpur but when I got there with my camera ready to grab some shots of the place, there is now construction going on in its place. So we immediately opt for plan B and decided to utilise the concourse of Pavilion Shopping Mall itself. I was there nice and early at 9:30AM, but the guard tells me that they only open the doors at 10AM; so there I waited until the doors opened and wasted no time scrambling from floor to floor snapping shots of the place from various angles before people started pouring in.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was our choice because of the enticing number of Human Traffic; 2.5 Million visitors a month, and 350,000 Facebook fans, This to us was the absolute ideal location.


The layout for the exhibition is quite simple and quite generic; to the north is the stage with VIP seating that are inspired by V1 cafe of which uses Car bucket seats for seating when people dine there. on the west of the exhibition are the merchandise booth and the console Interactive Gaming experience. Patrons can purchase Full Throttle gear from the merchandise store, and the Gaming booth gives patrons the chance to win premiums and movie passes.




To the east is a specially set up display for the Engine Display unit; the most novel and the most expensive merchandising item in our collection. We isolated the engine because it requires special attention, staff will explain it in detail to interested customers. The isolation also brings the element of exclusivity, rather than being clumped together with the rest of the merchandise. Right in front of the engine display is a fridge that contains all our energy drinks and other beverages with tables and chairs, that allows people to just hang out or utilise the space for filling out forms and other things. To the south is our 4 main cars on display; the first thing that people will see as it is facing the entrance of pavilion.



11E 12


The idea of the exhibition is to appeal to 2 crowds of people; the pre Movie crowd, of whom are those that have already watched the movie and can either pick up gear or just enjoy the exhibition. The other crowd are those that haven’t seen the movie, and hopefully our exhibition spurs them on to do so. Another reason we chose Pavilion KL was that there are two main cinemas in the vicinity within walking distance of each other.


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