Personal Project – Tiger Conservation

Tigers as we all know, are a slowly dying species due to a number of factors, the most prominent factor being poaching. As a designer I believe that it is possible to use various mediums of design to generate a stronger sense of awareness in respect of tiger conservation.

I will be using Ambient media and printed materials such as posters, and I will also be designing a media pack with a unique tiger themed package.







eeaa3834b28783cd0af573bceca68492 (1) eeaa3834b28783cd0af573bceca68492


For the ambient media design, I will be making an interactive poster, where people can pull of the “stripes” of the tiger which will contain a message regarding tiger conservation and will also instruct people to follow the paw shaped stickers which is the second part of this campaign; that leads to where they will be able to recieve the cd pack mentioned above. Also, when all the stripes are pulled off it will reveal a message on the body of the tiger. This is inspired by an Ambient media campaign that Audi ran, they attached rare earth magnets under toy models of their latest life sized cars, and stuck them to a lamp post.




Untitled-7 Untitled-2Untitled-6
Untitled-1 copy

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Durian Durian Nestle Packaging exercise

This project aims at localising Nestle products and this is what I’ve come up with: enriching Milky experience with a fruity twist!

the fruity twist is not just any twist but something that Malaysia is famous for, Durian, the King of fruit. A fruit that many people will find a little bit hard to eat because of its pungent smell, This Durian Milkshake will be giving consumers a taste of the king of fruit without too much pungency.

The concept and design is to create a standee that re-enacts a durian tree, with a tree bark texture for the main frame and a eye catching tree shaped top display that prominently shows the “Durian durian” logo and nestle logo.



P1050061 P1050060P1050058

P1050057P1050063The box design is a simple and functional one, a durian tree design three shelves to display the cartons. The milk cartons,when joined together form the shape of a durian fruit. The carton also prominently displays the Durian Durian logo and nestle logo as well. The cartons will be made from recyclable material and the box too, made from light yet tough foam board wrapped in a printed sticker material.

The target market is anyone who is familiar with the fruit and wanting to try a new type of alternative drink, or any person that wants to try out the pungent fruit without going for the real deal, or as an introduction to the fruit.

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Mooncake box for Packaging






For our Packing assignment we did a Mooncake box, and with building anything comes sketches; documentation of our ideas and our inspirations.



P1040929 P1040928







Here’s the mini mock up made from some scrap card. with mini mooncakes too!



Then came the real build, I decided to build it out of straw board, a very dense and easy to cut board.



For the wood effect This is achieved by using a vinyl sticker wrap with a wood texture


P1040839The final product was initially hand drawn; but then I decided it’d be much better If i printed it. The flower is my favourite part of the box, handdrawn by me and printed on projector slides.





P1040832Here is the final product, with a printed decal instead.


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Entertainment Design – 2C


Micro site done, Merchandise, stunning. Now comes the final assignment, which is the Full Throttle Exhibition.When we were first introduced to Sketchup and Indigo Renderer; the softwares that we were going to use for the exhibition rendering, we were a little bit worried because this is something that is completely new to us. After a while we soon got used to it and began our layout design. There were several problems we had with sketchup and indigo renderer, one was getting the lighting for the exhibition right without a harsh shadow cast by the software. That was fixed by placing the entire exhibition into a giant virtual box that shields it from the virtual sun casting the harsh shadow. Another major problem we had was with the time it takes to render. Some of the renderings took about half a day, that caused us to function with one less laptop as any other software open and the rendering might crash. Initially we decided that we were to host our exhibition at the open space right beside Pavilion Kuala Lumpur but when I got there with my camera ready to grab some shots of the place, there is now construction going on in its place. So we immediately opt for plan B and decided to utilise the concourse of Pavilion Shopping Mall itself. I was there nice and early at 9:30AM, but the guard tells me that they only open the doors at 10AM; so there I waited until the doors opened and wasted no time scrambling from floor to floor snapping shots of the place from various angles before people started pouring in.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur was our choice because of the enticing number of Human Traffic; 2.5 Million visitors a month, and 350,000 Facebook fans, This to us was the absolute ideal location.


The layout for the exhibition is quite simple and quite generic; to the north is the stage with VIP seating that are inspired by V1 cafe of which uses Car bucket seats for seating when people dine there. on the west of the exhibition are the merchandise booth and the console Interactive Gaming experience. Patrons can purchase Full Throttle gear from the merchandise store, and the Gaming booth gives patrons the chance to win premiums and movie passes.




To the east is a specially set up display for the Engine Display unit; the most novel and the most expensive merchandising item in our collection. We isolated the engine because it requires special attention, staff will explain it in detail to interested customers. The isolation also brings the element of exclusivity, rather than being clumped together with the rest of the merchandise. Right in front of the engine display is a fridge that contains all our energy drinks and other beverages with tables and chairs, that allows people to just hang out or utilise the space for filling out forms and other things. To the south is our 4 main cars on display; the first thing that people will see as it is facing the entrance of pavilion.



11E 12


The idea of the exhibition is to appeal to 2 crowds of people; the pre Movie crowd, of whom are those that have already watched the movie and can either pick up gear or just enjoy the exhibition. The other crowd are those that haven’t seen the movie, and hopefully our exhibition spurs them on to do so. Another reason we chose Pavilion KL was that there are two main cinemas in the vicinity within walking distance of each other.


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Entertainment Design 2B – THE MERCHANDISE.

With the Micro site done, this assignment covers the merchandise aspect of the movie. Protective casing for Samsung and Apple electronics, T shirts, Caps, PC and Xbox games and a Blu Ray DVD, these are the compulsory items. We also added a wide array of exclusive premiums such as a collector’s edition for the games, watches, and the ultimate table top display; a miniature engine that stores the Games and DVD discs, playback of music available through 4 different mediums such as auxiliary cables and USB with built in speakers.

The mobile device casings were designed with our grungy and car racing theme in mind, with images and patterns of tyre tread, metallic surfaces, bullet holes and the hazard barrier type of design utilised to create the distinct Full Throttle experience.



Picture3Picture2Picture4The T shirts design features our main character’s car which is the Audi R8; which was also used in the mobile device casings. The reason why we chose this car was because of the fact that it is the most aesthetically beautiful in comparison with the other 3 cars of our fleet. The car also displays such a menacing presence; something that we hope will appeal to the fans and even those that are not even interested in cars or automotive things.

Picture5Our Full Throttle cap is a simple design; designed with purpose and function in mind, we refrained from flamboyant and striking designs but emphasised on functionality and prominent display of our Full Throttle emblem to promote our brand.
Picture18 The standard T shirt sizes that we decided upon, ranging from S to XL.



The Full Throttle Blu Ray DVD box was designed prominently displaying our characters and we took inspiration from the cover design of fast and furious, with the two main elements of the movie displayed to convey the theme of Full Throttle clearly. 4 main characters, fast cars, Tokyo in the background; summarizes the movie.

The Xbox and PC games cover was also designed to convey the theme of Full Throttle clearly; grungy metal texture, tyre marks, hazard barrier textures and two of the cars going head to head in battle. The back of the box shows the synopsis and a screenshot of a car drifting to city streets mid game with the slogan of the movie “speed is the only way out” showed as well.

Picture8 Picture7Additional Merchandise that we included were a water flask that is inspired by the exhaust tips of a car, made of brushed stainless steel with Full Throttle laser etched into the cap of the flask.


Picture9A Full Throttle Timepiece, with an evergreen watch design that never goes out of style. We wanted to design a watch for all occasions; daily wear, events and even sports, which is why we chose stainless steel as it is durable and practical.

Picture10The Full Throttle energy drink, taking inspiration from Motoring brands like Drive M7 that have their own energy drink. The reason why we decided to include energy drinks is because alot of people like it regardless of young or old and also because of its ability to assist in our marketing strategy; People tend to like things that are free and these will be handed out free during events and other exhibitions to increase the popularity of our brand.


Picture12part of the additional range of merchandise comes our premium collector’s edition items. The Xbox and PC games come with collector’s editions, with director’s cut scenes added into the storyline and additional cars that aren’t going to be available in the regular PC and Xbox games. Again the grungy post apocalyptic theme of our movie is portrayed here, with tyre marks and metal grunge textures to create that signature Full Throttle design sense. The Audi is again utilised because of its menacing presence, the large grille and angry looking headlamps certainly will entice buyers to pick it up and even have a look at it even if they aren’t buying.


Picture13 Picture14

The most expensive and the most exclusive collectible in our range of merchandise is this; the Full Throttle Engine Display unit. 3 retractable slots hold the 3 game and DVD discs, a 4th slot for CD and DVD playback, 2 USB ports that are for charging or playing MP3s, and 4 built in speakers all encased into a sexy V8 shell.



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Over the past 14 weeks we have been marinating in assignments that were almost all group based. Information design, Change & Conflict, and entertainment design are all quite new to us and having just submitted all our assignments I can say that no matter what the turn out, it has been a great pleasure working with my group. We had few obstacles but all our work were much higher in quality than we had ever expected and we were lucky to have a great balance of skills; everyone specializing in a different software or skill set which made us help one another learn new things and explore new boundaries. Assignment 2A for entertainment design was to design a micro site for a movie that we did a teaser poster for earlier in the semester and the team picked my movie of which was an action packed Car racing kill action genre. We decided on this movie unanimously as we believed it to be the most marketable; with endless amounts of options available for us especially in terms of merchandise, thanks to the the thriving automotive parts industry. This assignment was off to a rocky start; we were even having difficulty coming up with a name for the movie and what type of theme or texture to settle for. But we sat down together, had a proper brainstorming session and all of a sudden; Project Full Throttle was born. We researched on many existing movies and movie websites that were somewhat related to our genre and one movie’s elements and texture really caught our eye; and that is the “Death Race” film. original_movieposter_4882   The Gritty and somewhat post apocalyptic environment of the film captivated us, the cars and the story line also quite similar to Full Throttle’s on the basis that in both Death Race and our film the characters are racing against enemies to escape from a trapped scenario. Death race is racing to earn freedom from prison and full throttle is racing to earn freedom from being trapped in a virtual world. we wasted no time researching on existing micro sites too, and we gathered inspiration from all corners of the internet and finally began our background design. The texture that was to be used is known as grunge, a gritty, rusted metal texture that will symbolise the post apocalyptic scenario in the movie. Our lecturer Mr Michael placed great emphasis on images being royalty free which means that the images can be used without licensing or incurring any expenses so to gather the images for our movie we were very lucky; I am an automotive photojournalist with a deep lusting passion for cars and photography, which meant I have an extensive database of car photographs that range from ground level to birds eye view and this certainly gave us a slight advantage; as this guarantees the images to be royalty free. We sat down together; choosing the cars we wanted to include in the movie based on my photos and how many angles of the car that I have and we finally settled on 4 cars; A Mercedes, 2 Hondas and an Audi. a 360 degree display page was decided on for showcasing the cars on the website. Other tabs that we included were quintessential; Home, that contains the synopsis, A Play and Win tab that consists of a interactive game that allows users to win exclusive merchandise and movie passes, A trailer tab that entices the audience with a sequence of short clips from the movie, A downloads tab for downloading exclusive media such as wallpapers and trailers, The merchandise tab that is our online store for the purchase of merchandise and other paraphernalia and the games tab that will be dedicated to the details of our Xbox and PC DVD games. All these elements were then combined with finer details such as a customised loading sequence and other “mechanical” movements of the website. here are the completed Snapshots of our website; the most important aspect is that the design sense and theme of the gritty and post apocalyptic world are carried through consistently and It can be prominently seen in the snapshots. 1

The loading sequence; depicted with bullets to suggest the nature of the movie; Action packed, bullets flying Kill action style.


The synopsis page


Car display tab4 5 6 7

interactive game tab8 9

Chase cam view 10

In car view


Teaser tab

12Downloadables tab

13 14

Merchandise tab15 16

PC & Xbox game tab

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001 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30

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updated story board

an updated storyboard for the road safety statistics video.

IMG_0003 IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0006

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So we had to come up with an individual story board of how we’re going to revamp the info graphics video our group did, and here’s how I am planning to do it..

THe story board is simple: It all begins outside the MIROS building. Then I will zoom in through the windows where you see the library. Then it will be us sorting through the Information we need from the statistics, and then zoom in through the statistics, then the infographical part will begin. Very specific and precise information for road accidents will be selected which avoids chart junk and make it possible for me to keep it within the 1 minute limit. Photoshop and AI will be used to create the graphics for the infographics sequence.

Below is a simple illustration of the sequence to be. 🙂


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4 characters in the game, Takahashi, Asahiro, Kunimitsu and  Emiko

How these characters are related:

All from the same school, Kunimitsu is the lecturer who happens to be an avid gamer. Takahashi and Asahiro are good friends. Emiko is Takahashi’s girlfriend and is also interested in cars and racing games.

Asahiro is a rich brat and is Takahashi’s childhood friend. Asahiro can be selfish at times and quite self centred and constantly argues with Takahashi in a friendly way. Emiko is usually observant and finds their constant arguments amusing but at times irritating. Kunimitsu is the ICT lecturer to these three students and is a man in his 40s with a wife and children. He happens to be an avid gamer as well and bump into the three friends one day when he goes to the game centre after work.

The story is a sci fi type of genre set in a virtual world but with real locations, similar to the popular driving simulator, Gran turismo. Gran turismo is a game where people can select a car of choice and drive on a real world race track and in the movie that we have come up with the game suddenly becomes reality. The captivating factor of this movie is how the danger from the game that is usually simulated becomes real when these 4 characters are teleported into the game via a special type of game card that was a master key created by the game developers but contained a glitch and when ordered to throw it away the person entrusted with this task decided to sell it. The card then is picked up by the rich brat who yearns to be the best of the game and decides to show it off to his friends and the lecturer and the story begins.

Set in a world where you can select your location that is of different surfaces, the 4 characters must race their way through various levels of races that get tougher and tougher until they reach the final stage where they defeat the game master of which holds the key to send them back to the real world. The moral of the story is one of appreciating what you have and your loved ones, as the game master’s personality that the game developers decide to give it are one of heartbreak and loneliness. The key to making these 4 characters getting out of the game is to show enough compassion for one another and for whoever they care for in the real world but they do not know this.

They are told that only two people can get out of the game alive and the racing begins. They all race their way through the levels, beating other teams and slowly climbing their way to the top. When they finally get to the final stage that determines their freedom. When they finally reach the stage where they have to beat the game master, They are put against each other as the big bang finale for the race. The couple decides to let the rich kid and lecturer go ahead and win, and they go head to head in a heated race until the end when the rich kid suddenly feels a sense of self realisation that he has never let anyone win ever in his life which is why he has little friends. he decides to sacrifice himself by letting the lecturer go forth and win. The Game master then summons the rest of the people back to explain the moral of the game, as he was not treated well before his big break into the world of game development and his prestigious position. The moral of the story is to cherish what you have and whoever you find dear around you.


And they all managed to earn their freedom.

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