Entertainment Design 2B – THE MERCHANDISE.

With the Micro site done, this assignment covers the merchandise aspect of the movie. Protective casing for Samsung and Apple electronics, T shirts, Caps, PC and Xbox games and a Blu Ray DVD, these are the compulsory items. We also added a wide array of exclusive premiums such as a collector’s edition for the games, watches, and the ultimate table top display; a miniature engine that stores the Games and DVD discs, playback of music available through 4 different mediums such as auxiliary cables and USB with built in speakers.

The mobile device casings were designed with our grungy and car racing theme in mind, with images and patterns of tyre tread, metallic surfaces, bullet holes and the hazard barrier type of design utilised to create the distinct Full Throttle experience.



Picture3Picture2Picture4The T shirts design features our main character’s car which is the Audi R8; which was also used in the mobile device casings. The reason why we chose this car was because of the fact that it is the most aesthetically beautiful in comparison with the other 3 cars of our fleet. The car also displays such a menacing presence; something that we hope will appeal to the fans and even those that are not even interested in cars or automotive things.

Picture5Our Full Throttle cap is a simple design; designed with purpose and function in mind, we refrained from flamboyant and striking designs but emphasised on functionality and prominent display of our Full Throttle emblem to promote our brand.
Picture18 The standard T shirt sizes that we decided upon, ranging from S to XL.



The Full Throttle Blu Ray DVD box was designed prominently displaying our characters and we took inspiration from the cover design of fast and furious, with the two main elements of the movie displayed to convey the theme of Full Throttle clearly. 4 main characters, fast cars, Tokyo in the background; summarizes the movie.

The Xbox and PC games cover was also designed to convey the theme of Full Throttle clearly; grungy metal texture, tyre marks, hazard barrier textures and two of the cars going head to head in battle. The back of the box shows the synopsis and a screenshot of a car drifting to city streets mid game with the slogan of the movie “speed is the only way out” showed as well.

Picture8 Picture7Additional Merchandise that we included were a water flask that is inspired by the exhaust tips of a car, made of brushed stainless steel with Full Throttle laser etched into the cap of the flask.


Picture9A Full Throttle Timepiece, with an evergreen watch design that never goes out of style. We wanted to design a watch for all occasions; daily wear, events and even sports, which is why we chose stainless steel as it is durable and practical.

Picture10The Full Throttle energy drink, taking inspiration from Motoring brands like Drive M7 that have their own energy drink. The reason why we decided to include energy drinks is because alot of people like it regardless of young or old and also because of its ability to assist in our marketing strategy; People tend to like things that are free and these will be handed out free during events and other exhibitions to increase the popularity of our brand.


Picture12part of the additional range of merchandise comes our premium collector’s edition items. The Xbox and PC games come with collector’s editions, with director’s cut scenes added into the storyline and additional cars that aren’t going to be available in the regular PC and Xbox games. Again the grungy post apocalyptic theme of our movie is portrayed here, with tyre marks and metal grunge textures to create that signature Full Throttle design sense. The Audi is again utilised because of its menacing presence, the large grille and angry looking headlamps certainly will entice buyers to pick it up and even have a look at it even if they aren’t buying.


Picture13 Picture14

The most expensive and the most exclusive collectible in our range of merchandise is this; the Full Throttle Engine Display unit. 3 retractable slots hold the 3 game and DVD discs, a 4th slot for CD and DVD playback, 2 USB ports that are for charging or playing MP3s, and 4 built in speakers all encased into a sexy V8 shell.



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