Personal Project – Tiger Conservation

Tigers as we all know, are a slowly dying species due to a number of factors, the most prominent factor being poaching. As a designer I believe that it is possible to use various mediums of design to generate a stronger sense of awareness in respect of tiger conservation.

I will be using Ambient media and printed materials such as posters, and I will also be designing a media pack with a unique tiger themed package.







eeaa3834b28783cd0af573bceca68492 (1) eeaa3834b28783cd0af573bceca68492


For the ambient media design, I will be making an interactive poster, where people can pull of the “stripes” of the tiger which will contain a message regarding tiger conservation and will also instruct people to follow the paw shaped stickers which is the second part of this campaign; that leads to where they will be able to recieve the cd pack mentioned above. Also, when all the stripes are pulled off it will reveal a message on the body of the tiger. This is inspired by an Ambient media campaign that Audi ran, they attached rare earth magnets under toy models of their latest life sized cars, and stuck them to a lamp post.




Untitled-7 Untitled-2Untitled-6
Untitled-1 copy

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