Illustration and Visual Narrative.

This blog post is simply about some of the techniques and skills we have learnt and practised so far, different shading styles and application of tools, it has certainly been an absolute eye opener for me. For someone who used to be afraid of photoshop because of its complicated nature i now find that it isn’t as difficult as it seems. As the saying goes, Never try, never know.

Let’s take a quick look on some of the stuff we’ve learnt so far! ūüėÄ

A little¬†Chiaroscuro¬†technique in exploration here. the very first one. ūüôā

Drawing pears with different texture techniques!

Applying the pear techniques on a Van Gogh piece. Copying and making your own is designer Mecca.

Chiaroscuro A la Roy Lichtenstein! one of my favourites among the stuff i’ve done.

An already epic piece of art; the Unryu by renowned tattoo artist Shige, remastered in colour and digitized by me. heh.

learning how to swap the rims out of a car! I think this one turned out pretty neat.

These are some of the works so far.. stay tuned for more! ūüėÄ



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Wings. I see them as a symbol of freedom, like a bird who can fly anywhere it wants because it has wings. People can do that too, with airplanes, if one’s will is to fly to another country, you can do so, which is freedom in its own respect. you may choose your destination at free will, and just hop aboard and go for it. The element of freedom is something i can relate to, because i like travelling, being able to fly to another country and explore their culture and see new things is just so exciting.

Wings also have quite a mythological element, with various winged creatures such as griffins, dragons and such that are depicted in folklore, portrayed as disastrous winged creatures that could destroy townships and take many lives.

The creature that i have always been fascinated about is winged cats. This is one of my drawings of one, ¬†I’ve always had a penchant for folklore as well, and this particular creature is my favourite.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post!

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Hybridology – Fusion.

Being a person that has an acute interest for cars, i knew it is inevitable that i can relate almost anything to cars in some way. The example i have chosen to use in exploration of hybridology and fusion is the Brand new Honda CRZ, of which¬†I’ve¬†had a soft spot ever since¬†I’ve¬†set eyes on it the minute it launched in showrooms nationwide.

The minute i saw the words hybridology on the projector screen; The CRZ immediately came to mind because you see, it is a hybrid car, and it is the finest example of all hybrid vehicles to date. Its short back and long front is extremely sporty, very unconventional compared to your usual tree hugging suspects such as the prius, which usually soft at heart and has a personality of nonaggression. This is an absolute new dimension; changing the idea of hybrid vehicles from being a soft and lumbering entity to actually be something that is capable of being quite quick and agile.

The Japanese have always thought of ways to make things function in harmony, and hybridology describes this vision best; a quick and nimble sports car that is friendly to the environment, what more can a car enthusiast ask for. Form, Function,¬†Aesthetics, all fused into one beautifully crafted package that comes in 5 colours, No other words can describe how perfect is the CRZ is as a symbolism of hybridology. Hybrids have not been on good terms in hardcore¬†motor sports¬†enthusiasts, of whom are people who only crave for more horsepower, like a vampire and blood; therefore trying to change a hardcore¬†enthusiast’s¬†mindset is like getting a full on carnivore to try vegetarian food; ¬†with starch and processed stuff that looks and tastes like meat; the car has to be visually appealing and give some sense of driving pleasure too, which explains the buttons in the above picture; that suits the driver’s mood at the time.

In conclusion, Hybridology is very much a part of the world today; thanks to the advancements in technology, hybridology is no longer stuff you read about or some new breakthrough that ends up on the evening news; it is very much a real part of the world we live in; and with hybrid vehicles that look as good as this, i cannot wait to see what the future holds for hybrid technology.

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The subject that i have chosen to explore metamorphosis is money. Over the years, there has been many changes on money, and the changes have been quite vast, from shells in the early period of trading goods, to the more familiar paper currency we have today. Why choose money? ¬†because money is everyone’s best friend.








Mindmaps. How every design journey starts, and this is the one for our metamorphosis assignment.








And here comes the ideas!








Scouring the net for photos of money! so many choices~








YES, it has begun. Sketch!








First frame complete~
























Penning it in








The final stage of metamorphosis. Platinum!









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the only humanly possible form of metamorphosis. from flesh to bone.

why the money? because everyone’s goal is to earn as much of it as possible, before death, death being the main point of this whole drawing as it is the transition of a human being that is inevitable.

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first blog of my life

Blogging. what is this mysterious and unknown entity that i have stumbled upon? apologies for pondering.. just that blogging is totally new and this one was created as an exercise and as a journal of our learning process in university, which is way cooler than a paper journal. 

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Typography, intrguing and a very expandable medium.. i like, no i love.

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