The movie poster LEGENDS.

A film poster is a printed form of advertisement for films. They began life as placards listing the programme of the night that were placed inside and outside of a movie theatre. illustrations of a scene in the film or a sequence or collage of images were used as a design for movie posters by the early 1900s.

Teaser posters

A type of pre film promotional poster containing simple image or design that were only informative enough to get people talking and start making assumptions about the upcoming film.

When people start talking and make assumptions, this type of situation is known as HYPE. Hype is a form of Marketing strategy or more informally known as a “fad. This is a scenario where something is advertised as a must have or in the case of movies, a must see. This therefore leads to people beginning to feel like they NEED to see the movie or to buy the product that has been injected with hype.

The movie poster designers.

There are quite a few Distinctive characters that are legendary in the world of movie poster design and I believe it would be appropriate to shed some light on the creators of some of the most sought after movies of all time of which their posters are now worth big bucks as they retire from their primary objective as advertising campaigns into the life of movie memorabilia and collectibles.

John Alvin

-Created posters for over 135 films over the course of his career.

– First poster ever created was in 1974 for the Mel Brooks film “blazing saddles”

– Most recognised assignments were E.T the extra- Terrestrial, Blade Runner, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, The colour Purple, Gremlins and an anniversary poster for Star wars.

aladdin_ver2 AlvinJohn beautybeast

Reynold Brown

– Prolific American Realist artist

– technical artist at North American Aviation during WW2

– Famous movie poster designs include: Creature from the black lagoon, Attack of the 50 foot woman, Spartacus

article-2234063-160F869A000005DC-288_964x1384 attack-of-the-50ft-woman111 spartacus

Bill Gold

-American Graphic designer with thousands of movie posters on his track record

– First poster was Yankee Doodle Dandy 1941, most recent work – J. Edgar 2011.

-Famous poster designs include: A Clockwork Orange, Casablanca, For your eyes only

4535105684_9b944453f6_z casablanca-poster clockwork_orange

Tom Jung 

– American advertising art director, graphic designer and illustrator

– Most famous movie that posters were designed for is star wars

tom_jung15 230px-The_Empire_Stirkes_Back,_Tom_Jung 1

Mort Künstler

-Historical artist who focuses mainly on the American Civil War

– The Taking of Pelham one two three was one of the assignments he did Design for


Robert McGinnis

– track record of over 1200 paperback book covers and over 40 movie posters

– Most popular film and his first film poster assignment was breakfast at Tiffany’s.

– Also did Poster design for Casino Royale (James Bond)

robert 2 Robert

Bob Peak

-Most famous for innovative design and development of the modern movie poster

– artwork has been on cover of time magazine, Tv Guide, Sports illustrated and even US Postage stamps

– Famous works include Camelot, The Spy who loved me, Apocalypse Now

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA bob peak 3 Bob peak

Howard Terpning

-American painter and illustrator famous for paintings of Native Americans

– created magazine covers, story illustrations and advertising art for popular publishing firms such as reader’s digest, Time, Newsweek

– Famous poster designs include lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, Sound of music

terpning 2 Terpning


Movie poster

John Alvin

Reynold Brown

Bill Gold

Tom Jung,_Tom_Jung.jpg/230px-The_Empire_Stirkes_Back,_Tom_Jung.jpg


mort kuntsler

Robert mcginnis

bob peak

Howard terpning–yugoslav-.jpg











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Research of visuals for movie poster

The latest ideas that have emerged from my research are a concept for the move teaser poster that will be a fusion of many popular automotive movies out there.

“SpeedRacer” is one of the movies that most adequately describes the situation that the main characters of my imaginary movie will be in; a virtual world where Racing is practically a way of life.

poster3 speedracer-imax-poster speed-racer-003 speed_racer_ver5_xlg speed_racer_2008_5010_poster

Some elements of the poster are also inspired by the popular racing game known as “ridge racer”, set in a beautiful futuristic world.

ps_vita_wallpaper_ridge_racer_by_djacura-d4oa2uk ridge-racer-car-1 Psvita-RidgeRacer

The fast and the furious is one of the most after automotive themed sequels out there and i have found some elements of their existing movie posters to be quite intriguing and I feel that these elements can be utilised in my teaser poster.

1600x1200 41600x1200 Fast-and-furious-6-movie


My aim is to create a combination of all these above elements for my movie, for my movie possesses elements that can be identified from each of these movies, but with a twist.


Source for images:

Speedracer images

Ridge racer images×768

fast and furious images×1200.jpg×1200.jpg


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New idea for movie poster teaser

A new concept that i have come up with is still in the automotive element of racing and hugh adrenaline action, With a TWIST.

The ultimate arcade simulator has just come out boasting the latest and most realistic simulation hardware and software that guarantees the ultimate realistic driving experience, and a group of friends that are absolutely hardcore gamers play the game and have won it over and over 3 times. These are the “Champions” of the arcade, honing respect from everyone who plays the game.

One night one of the friends stumble upon a gamecard that stored a car that was not supposed to be part of the game and showed it to his friends, who uninanimously decided that it would be a great idea if they snuck into the arcade after hours once the arcade manager was gone to try out this very mysterious car with his friends before showing it off to the rest of the arcade the next day.

Once the card is inserted the friends are SUCKED into the machine into the world of the game and are captured by the characters in the game to meet with the Main character who is the “boss” of the final level in the game and extremely difficult to defeat.

The Boss tells the friends they have 3 opportunities to defeat him as the only way to escape from the game with a special Key that starts the engine of a car that allows them to ‘drive’ out of the game unharmed

and the story unfolds.

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Movie poster TEASER.

The Genre that i have selected for the movie poster teaser is of an action packed element which will incorporate many aspects of racing and other elements that are of an automotive nature.

I have drawn inspiration from many popular movies that incorporate an automotive theme with illegal street racing, A legendary street racer that everyone wants a shot at defeating and i find that these types of elements can certainly be enjoyed by the masses. The most popular car racing series that is known to everyone worldwide is the Fast and the Furious series, with a 6th movie coming out during the middle of this year. So far the story has taken the viewers on a journey with the characters around the world with exotic locations like Brazil, America, Tokyo, and some parts of Europe.

I have decided to incorporate many elements that can be found from many car racing films and include them all in one action packed package, a young racer with unbelievable talent and skill defeating racers in his home country, and finally leaving an impact on an opponent so great he decides to form a team that consists of the young gun and other ace drivers to travel the world in high octane races that demand the utilisation of all technical aspects of professional and skillful driving.

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New Year, New challenges.

A new era of University life has begun and it is proving to be more and more challenging. One of the newest additiions to our illustrious pursuit of a design degree is a completely new class known as Entertainment design, and already we are learning new things, especially with augmented reality which is are applications that allow users an absolute interactive experience and it is activated by scanning a “marker” which is usually an image that is in collaboration with what the user is exposed to, for example a movie poster. Augmented reality comes into play when you scan the marker with the dedicated application ad by interactive there are many categories at that; Some Augmented Reality apps (AR for short) play a video clip when scanned, some have a 3D render of a character and some even play music.

For our first assignment we have to choose a movie genre and create a Teaser poster; a poster that is usually for a movie that hasn’t been released to public yet that is essentially to generate hype, a buildup of interest before the movie to ensure ticket sales are sufficient. The genre that i have chosen is action and will involve my deepest interest, which is of an automotive nature.

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Fiction.  is the form of any narrative or informative work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not factual, but rather, imaginary—that is, invented by the author. Although fiction describes a major branch of literary work, it may also refer to theatrical, cinematic or musical work. Fiction contrasts with non-fiction, which deals exclusively with factual (or, at least, assumed factual) events, descriptions, observations, etc. (e.g., biographies, histories), according to my best friend, Wikipedia.

Fiction and truth in my opinion needs to co-exist hand in hand and not as enemies, because too much of the truth can be boring, and too much fiction will give people the impression that you are insane. A good balance of both these elements are like yin and yang, because fiction makes things interesting and truth stops it from being “too” interesting, to the point where it is unbelievable.

The best example of Fiction at work is in books. There is a genre called fiction, yes, and there is a very good reason for that. Fiction is not factual, and your imagination plays a big part of this world. Books are just pages and pages of words.. but your mind is able to translate those words into images and moving pictures.. THAT is what fiction is about.

What about truth? Truth can be interesting as well, i mean for example, just look at the “X File’s” Tagline, “The TRUTH is out there”. It just oozes of mystery and for avid die hard fans; could possibly even generate the urge to go out and look for that truth regarding alien existence. Truth also plays a part in how a person communicates, Generally a truthful person is much better to be around with than a outright liar; Truth just makes life that little more pleasant, not to say i haven’t lied before. With that being said a conclusion on truth is that it is the safe way to go, and Fiction pumps the adrenaline; lying is a type of fiction as well. 🙂

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Everyone’s experienced this at least once. When you are dreaming, the dream is so real to the point where you can touch and sense everything, even when you’re running or falling into a vertigo, which suddenly startles you into waking up.Lucid dreaming, according to Wikipedia is any dream that when one is aware they are dreaming. Does that mean… a simple day dream counts as Lucid? possibly in a subtle way. In a lucid dream one can control what happens in the dream, and can be imaginary or vivid. These type of dreams are just so real that you wake up wishing that the dream that you just had was your real life instead.

With a little bit of imagination, one can find many things that are usually mundane in element to be quite intriguing, and something that i thought of is that a Dream machine is existent. This is already part of society, billions of people use it everyday and dreams are made. This Dream machine, is none other than the humble public rail service. Why is it a dream machine? well, when one travels home from work or from one location to another and the chance arises that you can catch a quick shut eye, Dreams come when you sleep and the semi conscious state that you are in because one does not want to miss the station you are getting off at and this half awake state is a source for Lucid dreaming.

Dreaming is such an intriguing phenomenon, and in my opinion how most people can literally touch and see the objects they dream about or are working towards, giving the saying “DREAM ON” its true meaning.

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For this assignment we were supposed to choose a fairytale of choice, and then depict 3 acts in as many scenes as you want. Here’s what i did, the classic game of SNAP!

It all began with some initial ideas and research, then slowly by slowly i began to discover the style i want, and that is to create a classic card game, to step away from the mainstream idea of story books and flash cards.

After going through much research and various styles, i couldn’t decide on a certain style that other artists had and went ahead with my own kind of style, which is essentially a mixture of elements from many pictures that i selected and then incorporate the ideas onto drawings, here’s the one of the jabberwocky.
Here’s Alice, after she took the “eat me” cake. i tried a few different depictions for each character as well, and finally settling on choosing the best of them.
The depictions of characters can be seen here, where i did 4 different renditions of the queen of hearts.
Here is one of the final pieces done~ the famous hookah smoking caterpillar. trippy and very cool.
let’s take a look at how i made my cards! 🙂
First, trace out the scanned image and remove the background white using the quick selection tool.
Inverse the selection, to select just the caterpillar, and paint as you please without spilling onto the edges. Apply “multiply” Blend to allow for colour volume.
i then chose a nice vintage photo effect and blend using multiply blend again to achieve the adequate vintage effect
Add title and caption, and voila!
Inspiration for my work initially came from an artist known as Stephen Doitschinoff, who is an epic graffiti painter that has his own unique style as well.
his works can be found at the following link:
That’s all for this installment of derpism! there is more to come, more assignments. T_T
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We did some GIFs for our Postcard assignment.. and here they are! Christmas, Chinese new year, Dengue, and Hari raya~ 😛

Please click on image to make it move~ it kind of doesn’t move if you dont click it… dont know why. Enjoy! or not. XD

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Ok, so on the 31st of May we had to dress up as superheroes that we came up with, complete with the special powers and stuff. Honestly i felt that everyone of us were a little shy at first, but after we got used to it, we went ALL OUT. walking around campus, making funny poses at people, it was actually beginning to be quite amusing watching passers by laughing till they cannot breathe. Their humor does indirectly prove that us superheroes are in fact beneficial to the society, by providing the best medicine in the world that is 100% free, laughter. 😀

we did a  photo shoot; with our Lecturer the Cool MR Charles AKA (MR. C) and it turned out pretty epic, as we knew for the first time what it was like to be a model. We also took the liberty of taking group photos of us, and this will be the most memorable experience for me, as because i have vowed that i will never be in a costume ever again for a long time to come.


Here’s us all suited up and ready to tickle the funny bones of the campus goers.

Time and effort certainly went into some of the costumes that day, just check them out!

In the light of superheroes, in my opinion fetishes can be explored here as well. As the wise words of the Dictionary describes; A fetish is when one has an abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation. Fetishes can also carry sexual connotations, and it can be seen in superheroes distinctly. Sexual attraction doesn’t mean that one is having a physical sexual connection or anything that is too obscene to think of, what i am exploiting is the most basic of sexual attraction, where boy likes girl and girl likes boy. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds; let’s take wonderwoman and superman for examples.

Wonderwoman. The perfect body portrayed all in one star gold red and blue suited package. This shouldn’t be a problem attracting the guys. Right guys?

Ahh yes. Superman. the unbelievably muscular body, the square chin, the eyes that can literally melt you to the core. Ladies go wild!


And there is my view on fetishes. To almost all people even the slightest mention of the word and you will here giggles, chuckles and all sorts of funny noises people make when they’re trying their hardest to contain their laughter because they think fetish is about a few leather or latex clad men in a room together. Doing stuff. Yes, fetishes do exist in that context, but i have obviously chosen not to explore it from that perspective as it might raise a lot of questions. So there you go, a simple no frills approach to Fetishes, Wonderwoman and Super man. Fine examples of fetishes. 😀



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