Over the past 14 weeks we have been marinating in assignments that were almost all group based. Information design, Change & Conflict, and entertainment design are all quite new to us and having just submitted all our assignments I can say that no matter what the turn out, it has been a great pleasure working with my group. We had few obstacles but all our work were much higher in quality than we had ever expected and we were lucky to have a great balance of skills; everyone specializing in a different software or skill set which made us help one another learn new things and explore new boundaries. Assignment 2A for entertainment design was to design a micro site for a movie that we did a teaser poster for earlier in the semester and the team picked my movie of which was an action packed Car racing kill action genre. We decided on this movie unanimously as we believed it to be the most marketable; with endless amounts of options available for us especially in terms of merchandise, thanks to the the thriving automotive parts industry. This assignment was off to a rocky start; we were even having difficulty coming up with a name for the movie and what type of theme or texture to settle for. But we sat down together, had a proper brainstorming session and all of a sudden; Project Full Throttle was born. We researched on many existing movies and movie websites that were somewhat related to our genre and one movie’s elements and texture really caught our eye; and that is the “Death Race” film. original_movieposter_4882   The Gritty and somewhat post apocalyptic environment of the film captivated us, the cars and the story line also quite similar to Full Throttle’s on the basis that in both Death Race and our film the characters are racing against enemies to escape from a trapped scenario. Death race is racing to earn freedom from prison and full throttle is racing to earn freedom from being trapped in a virtual world. we wasted no time researching on existing micro sites too, and we gathered inspiration from all corners of the internet and finally began our background design. The texture that was to be used is known as grunge, a gritty, rusted metal texture that will symbolise the post apocalyptic scenario in the movie. Our lecturer Mr Michael placed great emphasis on images being royalty free which means that the images can be used without licensing or incurring any expenses so to gather the images for our movie we were very lucky; I am an automotive photojournalist with a deep lusting passion for cars and photography, which meant I have an extensive database of car photographs that range from ground level to birds eye view and this certainly gave us a slight advantage; as this guarantees the images to be royalty free. We sat down together; choosing the cars we wanted to include in the movie based on my photos and how many angles of the car that I have and we finally settled on 4 cars; A Mercedes, 2 Hondas and an Audi. a 360 degree display page was decided on for showcasing the cars on the website. Other tabs that we included were quintessential; Home, that contains the synopsis, A Play and Win tab that consists of a interactive game that allows users to win exclusive merchandise and movie passes, A trailer tab that entices the audience with a sequence of short clips from the movie, A downloads tab for downloading exclusive media such as wallpapers and trailers, The merchandise tab that is our online store for the purchase of merchandise and other paraphernalia and the games tab that will be dedicated to the details of our Xbox and PC DVD games. All these elements were then combined with finer details such as a customised loading sequence and other “mechanical” movements of the website. here are the completed Snapshots of our website; the most important aspect is that the design sense and theme of the gritty and post apocalyptic world are carried through consistently and It can be prominently seen in the snapshots. 1

The loading sequence; depicted with bullets to suggest the nature of the movie; Action packed, bullets flying Kill action style.


The synopsis page


Car display tab4 5 6 7

interactive game tab8 9

Chase cam view 10

In car view


Teaser tab

12Downloadables tab

13 14

Merchandise tab15 16

PC & Xbox game tab

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