4 characters in the game, Takahashi, Asahiro, Kunimitsu and  Emiko

How these characters are related:

All from the same school, Kunimitsu is the lecturer who happens to be an avid gamer. Takahashi and Asahiro are good friends. Emiko is Takahashi’s girlfriend and is also interested in cars and racing games.

Asahiro is a rich brat and is Takahashi’s childhood friend. Asahiro can be selfish at times and quite self centred and constantly argues with Takahashi in a friendly way. Emiko is usually observant and finds their constant arguments amusing but at times irritating. Kunimitsu is the ICT lecturer to these three students and is a man in his 40s with a wife and children. He happens to be an avid gamer as well and bump into the three friends one day when he goes to the game centre after work.

The story is a sci fi type of genre set in a virtual world but with real locations, similar to the popular driving simulator, Gran turismo. Gran turismo is a game where people can select a car of choice and drive on a real world race track and in the movie that we have come up with the game suddenly becomes reality. The captivating factor of this movie is how the danger from the game that is usually simulated becomes real when these 4 characters are teleported into the game via a special type of game card that was a master key created by the game developers but contained a glitch and when ordered to throw it away the person entrusted with this task decided to sell it. The card then is picked up by the rich brat who yearns to be the best of the game and decides to show it off to his friends and the lecturer and the story begins.

Set in a world where you can select your location that is of different surfaces, the 4 characters must race their way through various levels of races that get tougher and tougher until they reach the final stage where they defeat the game master of which holds the key to send them back to the real world. The moral of the story is one of appreciating what you have and your loved ones, as the game master’s personality that the game developers decide to give it are one of heartbreak and loneliness. The key to making these 4 characters getting out of the game is to show enough compassion for one another and for whoever they care for in the real world but they do not know this.

They are told that only two people can get out of the game alive and the racing begins. They all race their way through the levels, beating other teams and slowly climbing their way to the top. When they finally get to the final stage that determines their freedom. When they finally reach the stage where they have to beat the game master, They are put against each other as the big bang finale for the race. The couple decides to let the rich kid and lecturer go ahead and win, and they go head to head in a heated race until the end when the rich kid suddenly feels a sense of self realisation that he has never let anyone win ever in his life which is why he has little friends. he decides to sacrifice himself by letting the lecturer go forth and win. The Game master then summons the rest of the people back to explain the moral of the game, as he was not treated well before his big break into the world of game development and his prestigious position. The moral of the story is to cherish what you have and whoever you find dear around you.


And they all managed to earn their freedom.

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