Research of visuals for movie poster

The latest ideas that have emerged from my research are a concept for the move teaser poster that will be a fusion of many popular automotive movies out there.

“SpeedRacer” is one of the movies that most adequately describes the situation that the main characters of my imaginary movie will be in; a virtual world where Racing is practically a way of life.

poster3 speedracer-imax-poster speed-racer-003 speed_racer_ver5_xlg speed_racer_2008_5010_poster

Some elements of the poster are also inspired by the popular racing game known as “ridge racer”, set in a beautiful futuristic world.

ps_vita_wallpaper_ridge_racer_by_djacura-d4oa2uk ridge-racer-car-1 Psvita-RidgeRacer

The fast and the furious is one of the most after automotive themed sequels out there and i have found some elements of their existing movie posters to be quite intriguing and I feel that these elements can be utilised in my teaser poster.

1600x1200 41600x1200 Fast-and-furious-6-movie


My aim is to create a combination of all these above elements for my movie, for my movie possesses elements that can be identified from each of these movies, but with a twist.


Source for images:

Speedracer images

Ridge racer images×768

fast and furious images×1200.jpg×1200.jpg


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