Movie poster TEASER.

The Genre that i have selected for the movie poster teaser is of an action packed element which will incorporate many aspects of racing and other elements that are of an automotive nature.

I have drawn inspiration from many popular movies that incorporate an automotive theme with illegal street racing, A legendary street racer that everyone wants a shot at defeating and i find that these types of elements can certainly be enjoyed by the masses. The most popular car racing series that is known to everyone worldwide is the Fast and the Furious series, with a 6th movie coming out during the middle of this year. So far the story has taken the viewers on a journey with the characters around the world with exotic locations like Brazil, America, Tokyo, and some parts of Europe.

I have decided to incorporate many elements that can be found from many car racing films and include them all in one action packed package, a young racer with unbelievable talent and skill defeating racers in his home country, and finally leaving an impact on an opponent so great he decides to form a team that consists of the young gun and other ace drivers to travel the world in high octane races that demand the utilisation of all technical aspects of professional and skillful driving.

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