New Year, New challenges.

A new era of University life has begun and it is proving to be more and more challenging. One of the newest additiions to our illustrious pursuit of a design degree is a completely new class known as Entertainment design, and already we are learning new things, especially with augmented reality which is are applications that allow users an absolute interactive experience and it is activated by scanning a “marker” which is usually an image that is in collaboration with what the user is exposed to, for example a movie poster. Augmented reality comes into play when you scan the marker with the dedicated application ad by interactive there are many categories at that; Some Augmented Reality apps (AR for short) play a video clip when scanned, some have a 3D render of a character and some even play music.

For our first assignment we have to choose a movie genre and create a Teaser poster; a poster that is usually for a movie that hasn’t been released to public yet that is essentially to generate hype, a buildup of interest before the movie to ensure ticket sales are sufficient. The genre that i have chosen is action and will involve my deepest interest, which is of an automotive nature.

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