Everyone’s experienced this at least once. When you are dreaming, the dream is so real to the point where you can touch and sense everything, even when you’re running or falling into a vertigo, which suddenly startles you into waking up.Lucid dreaming, according to Wikipedia is any dream that when one is aware they are dreaming. Does that mean… a simple day dream counts as Lucid? possibly in a subtle way. In a lucid dream one can control what happens in the dream, and can be imaginary or vivid. These type of dreams are just so real that you wake up wishing that the dream that you just had was your real life instead.

With a little bit of imagination, one can find many things that are usually mundane in element to be quite intriguing, and something that i thought of is that a Dream machine is existent. This is already part of society, billions of people use it everyday and dreams are made. This Dream machine, is none other than the humble public rail service. Why is it a dream machine? well, when one travels home from work or from one location to another and the chance arises that you can catch a quick shut eye, Dreams come when you sleep and the semi conscious state that you are in because one does not want to miss the station you are getting off at and this half awake state is a source for Lucid dreaming.

Dreaming is such an intriguing phenomenon, and in my opinion how most people can literally touch and see the objects they dream about or are working towards, giving the saying “DREAM ON” its true meaning.

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